GO Wireline

Founded by long-time industry veterans, GO Wireline provides wireline, pressure pumping, and downhole tool services to the oil and gas industry. They serve the Williston and DJ basins from locations in North Dakota and Colorado.


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Industry compensation models are competitive and complex including job activity related bonuses on top of hourly compensation and guaranteed wages. Add in regulatory requirements from the Department of Labor and it becomes time-consuming and error-prone to track and calculate compensation. So much so that in 2018 some other oilfield services company was ordered by DOL to pay over $1.2 million in back wages to 275 employees in six states. To reduce this burden, DAWA developed a software system that effectively and accurately tracks and manages work activity and compensation information to properly calculate wages and bonuses.

GOMS - GO Management System

DAWA created a custom software system referred to as GOMS to capture work activity, field ticket information, and employee details automating the complex wage and bonus calculations and payroll management process. Over time, the system has been expanded to automate numerous other areas of the business and integrate with other systems, saving significant staff time and increasing accuracy.

Payroll Management

  • TSheets Integration
  • Wage and Bonus Compensation Management
  • Accounting Integration

GOMS has been integrated with TSheets time tracking system to automatically pull employee time information, reducing data entry time and potential errors. The system automates the complicated process of wage and bonus computations as well as integrates directly with the accounting system to reduce data entry.

Job Order Management, Field Ticket Management, and Reports

  • Job Orders
  • Field Ticket Management
  • Job Summaries and KPI Reports
  • Revenue Reports

GOMS provides automated workflow management and tracking for job activity, truck and equipment usage, and employee activity with Job Order and Field Ticket management. Additionally, management has a high-level view of overall activity, work completion summaries, and KPI reports. The system also provides detailed daily and monthly revenue reports including breakdowns for different business segments.

Sales Management

  • Contact Management
  • Sales Activity
  • Sales Reports

The system provides for streamlined contact management and sales activity tracking enabling the sales team to efficiently and effectively manage and track client communication while providing valuable information to management. Daily sales reports offer clear visibility into opportunities and issues that can be quickly leveraged and addressed by the sales team and management providing enhanced service to customers and increased value to the company.

"We hired DAWA to create custom software for our core business processes. They took the time to look at what we do and applied their technical expertise and industry knowledge to create a system that truly fits our needs."

Lucas Gjovig

Partner and Manager at GO Wireline